HiMirror bundle package – HiMirror, Smart Body Scale and HiSkin:your beauty consultant skin analyzer, innovative makeup mirror

HiMirror special bundle – buy them together and enjoy.


Product Description

HiMirror special bundle – buy them together and enjoy.

More About The Product

  • More than just a mirror, HiMirror helps you assess your skin’s condition including wrinkles, fine lines, clarity, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores so that you can effectively and efficiently target problem areas and move toward your beauty goals.
  • YOUR BEAUTY ADVISOR – HiMirror quickly identifies problem areas so you can improve them with our suggested solutions.
  • Smart Body Scale measures weight, body fat percentage (BFP), body mass index (BMI), total body water (TBW), skeletal muscle mass, bone mass, and basal metabolic rate (BMR). All data is displayed on a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Use HiSkin to detect and analyze your cuticle moisture and pigment precipitation, non-invasively.

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